Do you have your vendor information & COGS?

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  • Vendor Information
    • Name (Required)
    • Address (Required)
    • City (Required)
    • State (Required)
    • Zip (Required)
    • Country (Required)
    • Phone number (Required)
    • E-mail
    • Website
    • P.O. E-mail (Required)
    • P.O. Fax
    • P.O. Format (PDF Attachment, E-mail, HTML Attachment)
    • Incoterm
    • Payment Term
  • I have my Cost of Goods for each Master SKU and the information associated:
    • Vendor SKU - What your vendor understands the product as (Can be the same as Master, if applicable) [Required]
    • Minimum order quantity of the product needed to placed to the vendor [Required]
    • The Lead Time - The time it takes the vendor to deliver and for you to receive the product in calendar days [Required]
    • Pricing Tiers  [Required]
    • Units of Measure [Optional]
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