What is the difference between a core product, variation, and bundle/kit?

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  • CORE PRODUCT – An individual or lowest common denominator of bundles.
    • If you purchase items pre-packaged (one mug) and sell them exact, the core product would be one mug
    • If you purchase pre-packaged bundles (box of pens) and break them down to sell individually, the core product would be one pen
    • If you purchase individual items (a doll) but only sell them in the bundle/kit (doll collection), the core product would be the individual doll.
  • VARIATION – An individual or lowest common denominator of bundles that has a differentiating attribute.
    • A t-shirt sold in different sizes and/or colors
    • ** You can choose to keep a product differentiating in two or more attribute separate. For example, One variation is the red t-shirt in different sizes, while another is the blue t-shirt in different sizes.
  • BUNDLE – Multiple products sold together in quantities or themes. They can either be pre-packaged or core products individually picked on the fly.
    • Bundles are multiples of the same core product sold together in pack sizes.
    • Kits are different core products sold together.
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