How can I print or save a copy of a packing slip?

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A packing slip can be printed as soon as an order is pulled in from your sales channel into Skubana.

For a manual order, a packing slip can be printed as soon as the order is created in Skubana.

To print a packing slip, follow the procedure below.

1. Click Orders on the Toolbar, select Awaiting Shipment on the Search/Filter panel, then click the order record that appears on the panel to the right (make sure to click anywhere but on the order number).
2. Click Print, then Packing Slip. Depending on your desktop or browser settings, this opens the packing slip as a PDF file either on another browser window, or on your PDF viewer.

If the packing slip opens in another browser window:

  • To print it, click the Print button, then follow the instructions that appear on screen.
  • To save a PDF copy of the file, click the Download button, then follow the instructions that appear on screen.

If the packing slip opens on your PDF viewer, use the program's Print feature to print it, or the Save feature to save it to your computer.

3. Once printing and/or saving is completed, close the browser window.

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