Merge an Order

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Skubana's Analytics module may recommend that two or more orders be merge into one, particularly if these are going out to the same customer. Such measures are meant to help you save on shipping costs.

To merge an order, follow the procedure below.

1. On the toolbar, click Orders.
2. On the Orders page, look for the order you want to merge using the Search panel on the left (see Searching in Skubana for more details).
3. On the Orders panel in the middle, highlight the order, then click Merge to open the Merge Orders window.
4. Drag the master order and child order/s from the Orders panel on to the appropriate boxes on the Merge Orders window. 
5. Still on the Merge Orders window, click Merge.

NOTE: A manual order cannot be a master order. There may be one or more child orders, with much of the information from the master order replacing the information in the child orders. In addition, some numeric quantities, like weights and totals, may be summed during the merge process.

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