[HOW-TO] Set Up Field Mappings of Import/Export Files

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Skubana is able to handle files from your 3PLs and drop-shippers through field mappings. Each field in a 3PL or drop-shipper's file (containing order, shipping and inventory information, among others, and sent to and received by Skubana through FTP) is mapped to a corresponding field in Skubana. 

To set up your field mappings, follow the procedure below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.
2. On the left sidebar, click Warehouse.
3. Click the wrench, or settings, icon to the right of the warehouse, then click Field Mappings.

For the next steps, please refer to the above screenshot.

4. Make sure that the Date Format is set to the format that is used by the 3PL.

IMPORTANT! In Skubana, Month, MM, is always in upper case.

5. Navigate using the left column starting at Sales Channels and making your way down to Country Names.
6. The left Sales Channel column contain the field names found in Skubana.
7. The right Field Mappings column contain the field names used by the 3PL. Click anywhere on the grid and enter the field names used by the 3PL. Make sure that the Field Mapping names match those that are used by the 3PL to avoid any errors when importing/exporting files.

IMPORTANT! Click the Save Mappings button at the bottom after completing each section. Otherwise, your edits will not be saved.

9. Click Save Changes.

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