[HOW-TO] Adding Sales Channels

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When setting up your account in Skubana, after adding your warehouses, you need to add your sales channels next.

You will need:

Admin credentials for your sales channels in order to be able to add them into Skubana

Skubana supports out-of-the-box integration with the various online marketplaces and shopping carts below:

You can also set up your own sales channel for manual order tracking

To Add a New Sales Channel

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings, then Sales Channels on the left sidebar.
2. On the Sales Channels page, click New Channel.

3. On the New Sales Channel window, select the sales channel you want to integrate with Skubana.

Once you have added a sales channel, you can set up its basic information, communications settings, as well as shipment and carrier mappings. To know more, see Editing Sales Channels.

If you want to stop a sales channel's orders from showing in Skubana, you may deactivate the sales channel. To know more, see Deactivating Sales Channels.

NOTE: Except for Rakuten, all other sales channels capable of one-click integration with Skubana push inventory out every time there is a change in inventory. These changes include an order coming in, a purchase order being received or a manual change to inventory in Skubana. 

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