Connecting Listing SKUs to a Master SKU

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To connect a Listing SKU to its Master SKU, head over to the Products module using the toolbar.

1. On the Products pane, click the Master SKU of the product to which you will add the Listing SKU.

2. On the Product Details window, click the Listing SKUs tab, then click 
New Listing SKU.

3. On the Add Listing window, select the channel where you have the SKUs listed.

4. Next, enter the Listing SKU and Fulfillment Latency Days for the selected channel.

5. In this particular instance, uncheck the box for FBA listings, as Amazon handles inventory for FBA products, then click Save.

If you are connecting listing SKUs to a master SKU on a non-Amazon channel, you may leave this setting as-is.

Repeat Steps 2-5 to add more listing SKUs.

6. When finished, click Save.

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