Excluding a Warehouse from Showing Stock for a Master SKU

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To exclude a warehouse stock for a product from the available inventory totals pushed to your sales channels, you can add those warehouses to an exclusion list.

Warehouse exclusion can be set up for individual Master SKUs or in bulk on a global level per sales channel.

NOTE: Adding a warehouse to an exclusion list is equivalent to telling the channel that you have zero stock for the product within that warehouse. This is particularly useful if you have FBA inventory but do not do any multi-channel fulfillment (MCF).

To Add a Warehouse to an Exclusion List

1. On the toolbar, click Inventory.

2. On the Product Stock pane in the middle, click a master SKU to open the inventory rules for that product.

3. On the Inventory Rules window, click the Excluded Warehouses tab.

4. Select the warehouse/s that you want to exclude from the list. The selected warehouses appear on the Excluded Warehouses list.
5. When finished, click Save.

 Please Note: The rule may take up to three minutes to apply. You will know the rule has applied when you  see a white notification pop up at the top right hand corner of the page.


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