Cancel a "Pending Fulfillment" Order

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To cancel an order that is Pending Fulfillment, head over to the Orders module by using the Skubana toolbar on the upper part of the screen.

  1. On the Search/Filter By panel, click the (   Pending Fulfillment ) menu and select a sub-item.

  2. On the Orders panel, select the order to be canceled.
    Click the [  Edit   ] button, then Cancel Order.

  3. On the Cancel Orders window, select the reason for cancellation from the list.

  4. Check the (  Notify sales channel? ) box to let Skubana cancel the order on your sales channel as well, then click the [  Yes - Cancel Order ] button to confirm the cancellation.

    NOTE: Canceled orders can no longer be restored if the sales channel is notified of the cancellation.
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