Product Types

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Before entering products into Skubana, it is imperative to understand and properly identify the types of products you have in your inventory.

The first products you enter have to be your core products. Once they are in the system, you can begin creating your kits and bundles. In other words, a core product has to exist in the system first before a bundle/kit can be created with that core product in it.

The table below shows the three product types found in Skubana.

Product Type

Core Product

A single unique product that may be put together with other products in a bundle or kit.


A pack of multiple core products which are sold together for a single price. The items contained within a bundle are core products (or product variations) with their own SKUs which are stocked and sold individually. When these individual products are bundled together, the bundle is assigned a unique SKU. Note that a bundle is non-stock tracked and only provides a theoretical quantity based on the availability of the core items within it.


Product Variation

An item which comes in different options, e.g. a t-shirt which comes in different colors and sizes. Each type of variation has its own SKU, e.g a T-shirt (red, large), T-shirt (red, medium), and T-shirt (red, small) are stored in Skubana as three separate products. However, these products are linked under the grouping or umbrella of a virtual SKU. This allows you to easily manage all of your variations as a group.
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