Navigating the Products Module

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The Products module is an extremely functional and diverse space. Here, you can add, edit and view product information, as well as run brief analytics. 

There are five sections, or panels, in the Products module:

  1. Products
  2. Filter By... (also referred to as the Search/Filter panel)
  3. Image Gallery
  4. Performance
  5. Product Details

These sections are shown below.

The Products list at the center of the Products section contains detailed product information, including the Master SKU, Name, UPC, Description, Brand, Categories, Labels, Weight, Dimensions, Price, Shipping Cost, Special Offers, Date Created, and Date Modified. You can view up to 100 products at one time on each page of the list.

Use the Filter By menu to quickly filter products based on different categories or label types. Click either the Categories or Label menu and select the filter you want to apply.

The Image Gallery is where you can view your product images.

After selecting and highlighting a product from the Products list, a graph will appear in the Performance panel under the Year-Over-Year tab. This graph tracks the product's sales over time. Using the menu options at the top-right of the Performance box, you can specify the sales channel(s) and/or timeframe displayed on the graph. You can also choose to show either the quantity of product sold or the product's sale amount in dollars.

The graph is interactive - move your mouse over the data points for specific information.

Under the Recent Orders tab, you can view all your recent orders, who made the purchase, and when the purchase was made.

The Product Details panel contains a breakdown of all the listing SKUs and vendor SKUs associated with the highlighted product and its master SKU. Use the Active Listings tab to access the product's listing information and the Vendor Products tab to access the product's vendor information. 


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