[HOW TO] Set up Shopify Webhooks with Skubana

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Our Shopify webhook integration will drastically increase the speed at which we download Shopify orders into your Skubana account.
To set up Webhooks:
  1. Log into your Shopify store > go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Create the following Webhook by selecting Create webhook


  1. Add a Webhook
  • Event: Order Payment
  • Format: JSON
  • URL: https://app.skubana.com/shopify/orders/payment
  1. Copy the signature (65 characters) from Shopify


  1. Go back to your Skubana account > Settings > Sales Channels > Select your Shopify integration > Edit
  2. Navigate into the Connections tab > Edit Integration and paste the signature (previously copied in step (4) into the Skubana's Signature field.
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