Extensiv Order Manager will begin redacting data in compliance with eBay's requirement to remove customer information on orders where a customer has requested to remove their personal data within eBay and any partnered integrations. Extensiv Order Manager has been accepting redaction requests since August 31, 2021, and will begin processing them on September 8, 2021.

Summary of Changes

Customer data will be redacted from both the Extensiv Order Manager UI and will appear similarly in exports. This includes:

  • Buyer Name

  • Recipient Name

  • E-Mail Addresses

  • All Shipping Address Values

  • Phone Number

This data will be redacted from all areas in Extensiv Order Manager that display customer data, including but not limited to the Orders, Analytics, and Customers modules. We will not redact order and customer information until an order is either shipped or canceled.

A screenshot of a redacted order is below:

​Please reach out to support@skubana.com should you have any questions or concerns about how this update will affect your account.

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