The Company Time Zone Setting will allow you to set the time zone that is used throughout your Extensiv Order Manager account. This update will not affect every instance of a time shown in the Extensiv Order Manager UI. Read on to understand exactly what is affected.

⚠️ NOTE: If you're interested in utilizing this feature for your account, contact your Account Manager or Live Chat.

Key Takeaways

  • If this feature is not enabled on your account, you are not utilizing this setting and any timestamp that you see in the UI that does not specify UTC is in Eastern Time.

  • Once this feature is enabled for your account, the default setting will be in Eastern Time. Your account will continue to show up in Eastern Time until any further changes are successfully updated. Orderbots pertaining to times or dates will begin processing in the Company Time Zone, as opposed to processing in UTC.

  • Once you change the Company Time Zone to be any other time zone other than Eastern, orderbots pertaining to date/time will now process in the new Company Time Zone.

  • Anything that is indicated as being in UTC will remain in UTC.

How to Set the Company Time Zone

  1. Request this setting to be turned on for your Extensiv Order Manager account by connecting with your Account Manager, Support Email, or Live Chat.

  2. Ensure that the "Billing & Invoices" or "Account Management" user permission is enabled for your username.

  3. Go to the Settings module, Company Info tab.

  4. Under the Company Info section, go to the Time Zone dropdown menu. Select the appropriate time zone for your company. The time zone selected will adjust to the current local time if the local time changes with Daylight Savings.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Specifics Affected by the Company Time Zone

  • Imports & Exports unless otherwise noted.

  • Any "grid" dates, meaning any date that shows up in a grid view, such as the Orders grid shown below. This also includes exports and date search fields. This includes the Orders, Purchase Orders, Products, Analytics (see below point), & Settings modules' grids.

  • Import Orders Dates that specifically include a time in the date.

  • Ship By and Receive By Dates in new and edit order windows, as they specifically include a time in the date.

  • Any Analytics reports that are not marked as being in UTC (and the exports and date search fields).

    • The following Analytics reports ARE affected by Company Time Zone:

      • Sales Overview

      • Customer Lifetime Value

      • Biggest Spenders

      • Most Frequent

      • Most Recent

      • Biggest Tickets

      • Sales Summary

      • Y-O-Y Growth

      • Shipments Overview

      • Shipment Summary

    • The following Analytics reports are all in UTC and therefore will not be affected by Company Time Zone:

      • Top Sellers

      • Worst Sellers

      • SKU Profitability

      • Listing Profitability

      • Trending Profitability

      • Aging

      • Snapshot Value

      • Trending Value

      • Historical Orders Export

  • Any History windows that include Edit timestamps

  • The following Orderbot filters:

    • Date Paid

    • Order Date

    • Ship By Date

  • The following Orderbot actions

    • Hold until Ship By Date

    • Hold until date

    • Set deliver by date

    • Apply Best Rate

⚠️ NOTE: If the Amazon PST Orderbots Setting is turned ON, it will override the Company Time Zone.

⚠️ NOTE: This setting will not affect the orderbot "Time of Day (EST) Order Created in Extensiv Order Manager", as that filter will always apply in Eastern Time.

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