You now have the option to dictate whether orderbots pertaining to dates process using Pacific Time as opposed to the usual time zone used for orderbots, UTC. This setting is specific to Amazon due to their utilization of Pacific Time Zone. In some cases, this may affect the actual date due to the time change (i.e. 1/1/21 1 AM EST = 12/31/20 11 PM PST).

This setting will make all date-related orderbot filters and actions (listed below) convert to Pacific Time instead of the default, UTC, or the Company Time Zone. This setting will not affect the UI for orders or shipment dates. Dates in the Orders and Shipments modules UI will still be entered in the Extensiv Order Manager database in UTC and will appear in orders, shipments, and analytics as they usually would. This setting only impacts the specified orderbots.

How to Enable the Setting

  1. Go to the Settings module's Sales Channels tab.

  2. Select an Amazon channel, then click Edit. Click the Connection tab, then Edit Integration.

  3. In the upper right corner of the Amazon Integration window, view the option for Process date orderbots in Pacific Time. Check the box next to it to enable it, or leave it unchecked to keep it disabled.

  4. Click Save.

Affected Orderbots

The following orderbot options will be affected by the setting you choose for this option:


  • Date Paid

  • Order Date

  • Ship By Date


  • Apply Best Rate

  • Hold until Ship By Date

  • Set deliver by date

⚠️ NOTE: This setting will not affect the orderbot "Time of Day (EST) Order Created in Order Manager", as that filter will always apply in EST.

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