Before you ship an order, you should ensure that the Processing options selected are appropriate for your shipment. You will have different specialized options depending on which Shipping Provider or Carrier is chosen to ship your order. Shipping Provider options will be shown for In-House orders, while Shipping Carrier options will be shown for 3PL & Dropship orders.

Shipping Section

  • Provider: Choose from any of the Shipping Providers set up in your Extensiv Order Manager account

  • Service: Choose from one of the services offered for the Provider selected.

  • Confirm: Choose from No Confirmation, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Adult Signature Confirmation, & Direct Signature Confirmation

  • Insurance: Choose from Carrier Insurance, No Insurance Provider, or Other (External)

  • Insured Value: Dollar amount that your order is insured for if you selected any value other than "No Insurance Provider" under the Insurance field.

Measurements Section

  • Weight: In pounds and ounces

  • Dimensions: In inches, for length, width, & height, respectively

Additional Options

If certain shipping providers are listed after an option, that option is only applicable to orders set to ship with the listed provider. If there are no provider specifications, then you can use that option for shipments using any provider.

  • Contains Dry Ice: Only an option for shipments with FedEx & UPS. If checked, indicate the Dry Ice Weight in pounds and ounces.

  • Do not prepay postage: Only an option for Endicia

  • Print postage on the shipping label

  • This order is non-machinable

  • Saturday delivery

  • Bill duties/taxes to the payor of shipping charges: Only an option for FedEx, UPS, & DHL Express shipments. Cannot be selected if the checkbox for Bill duties/taxes to recipient is already selected for a UPS/DHL Express shipment.

  • Bill duties/taxes to recipient: Only available for UPS & DHL Express shipments. This option will instruct UPS/DHL Express to bill the recipient on collect for the duties and taxes specifically, regardless of who pays for shipping. You can indicate who should pay for shipping charges in the Shipping Charges section.

  • Driver may release without signature: Only available to set for UPS shipments

  • Include a return label with outgoing shipping label

  • Order includes alcohol: Only an option for FedEx shipments

  • Do not update channel when shipped

Example: The two Bill duties/taxes options are mutually exclusive.

Shipping Charges

  • Bill To: Choose from My Account (the default), The Recipient, Third Party Account, & Collect. Only available for FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express shipments.

  • Calculate Shipping Rate: This button will send a request to the Shipping Provider selected for the order to provide a rate for how much the shipment as indicated will cost the payor of the shipping charges.

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