This article covers how to use the Bulk Reconciliation option for the Inventory Reconciliation Tool. Read all the details on the feature here.

Bulk Reconciliation

⚠️ Caution: If you have the below setting checked (found in the Settings Module at the bottom of the Company Info tab), you will be prompted to choose a "Default Vendor" to apply during your Bulk Reconciliation. This vendor will ONLY apply when reconciling products that DO NOT have a Vendor Product. In that case, Skubana will use the Vendor Cost price under the Basic Info tab of each product and associate it with the vendor you choose during the first step of the Bulk Reconciliation process.

⚠️ All Master SKUs with a Vendor Product will reconcile with the Vendor of the existing Default Vendor Product, NOT with the option you choose in the "Default Vendor" in the Bulk Reconciliation confirmation window.

⚠️ NOTE: Once values have been submitted through Reconciliation (individually or through Bulk Reconciliation), they are not able to be edited.**

**If you accidentally create value entries at the wrong Unit Cost, you can clear your inventory value queue by first removing units from stock (by adjusting out of the associated stock location), and then removing value entries via the Reconciliation tool. You can only remove value entries when the count is out of sync. To fully clear the inventory value queue, you can remove all units of a product at a warehouse by adjusting the stock, and then also remove all value entries via the Reconciliation tool. Then, you can re-adjust your stock so that the count is accurate, and re-reconcile the units to add the correct value(s).

When clicking the Bulk reconciliation button, if the IC queue entry quantity differs from the IV queue in a warehouse, IV queue entries will be removed or added accordingly. The IC queue entries will remain unchanged as these values indicate your inventory stock levels, so only the IV queue will be adjusted to match your Inventory Count.

If the IV queue entries exceed the Inventory Count, IV queue entries will be removed to match the warehouse’s IC queue.

Additions to the IV queue will occur if the Inventory Count exceeds the IV queue. These new IV queue entries will be added at the cost of the SKU’s default vendor product. Products that do not have a default vendor will not be reconciled.


  • By default, entries will be removed from the top of the queue according to FIFO (first in, first out). The “top” of the queue is located at the top of the Reconciliation window.

  • The Inventory module must be refreshed after Reconciliation adjustments have been submitted. The page will not dynamically update until the page has been reloaded.

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