Q: Which columns are required on each tab?

On the Core Products tab, Master SKU, Name, Brand and Active columns are required.

On the Bundles and Kits tab, Master SKU, Name, Brand, X, and Active columns are required. Reminder: you will need a unique Master SKU for the bundle/kit.

Q: What is the difference between a bundle and a kit?

A bundle is a grouping of multiple of the same product. A kit is a grouping of multiple different products.

Q: Should I add old products to the spreadsheet?

You should only add old products to Skubana if you plan to sell them again in the future.

Q: Are vendor products required?

Vendor Products are not required to fulfill orders in Skubana. Vendor Producst are required to create Purchase Orders.

Q: Can my Listing SKU and Master SKU be the same?


Q: My SKUs on various channels are different. What do I use for the Master SKU in Skubana?

Q: On the Vendor Products Spreadsheet, what price gets allocated if order qty exceeds highest tier break?

Q: Do I use the weight and dimensions of the actual product or the individual product once packaged for transit?

Q: Do I assign inbound or outbound shipping cost?

Q: Can I update my inventory in bulk after the initial upload?

Yes! Once all of your products are uploaded into Skubana, you will have the ability to export the product catalog. You can edit that spreadsheet and upload using the import product spreadsheet to make any changes. Make sure to select "Yes - Update existing products and import new" when importing. Beware: if you change the Master SKU, you will create new products! If you are changing Master SKUs, please do it outside of the product import spreadsheet.

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