Amazon has made updates to their Acceptable Use and Data Protection policies, specifically as they relate to Personally Identifiable Information, or “PII”. In order to stay compliant with these policies, Extensiv Order Manager is required to update the way that historical data from Amazon is stored.

What is "PII"?

Amazon defines PII as “information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate an individual (e.g., Customer or Seller), or to identify an individual in context.”

What you need to know:

FBM Orders

  1. As a general rule, all order data will be retained in the Order Manager for at least 30 days.

  2. This applies only to shipped orders that have been shipped at least 30 days prior. If an order has not yet been shipped, was not shipped 30+ days ago, or is not an Amazon order, it will not be affected.

  3. After 30+ days post-shipment, you will not be able to access your customer information in the regular locations: Customers Module where your Amazon customers will no longer be associated with other orders placed on other channels, Analytics Module's Customers section, Orders & Shipments Modules.

  4. After February 5th, all historical PII data for Amazon orders that have been shipped at least 30 days ago will be redacted from Order Manager. This includes:

All address fields on orders from buyers, including zip code, state, and country

Order edit history entries containing customer information

Customer names, emails, and addresses from the Customers module.

FBA Orders

FBA orders are already redacted now since Amazon’s updates to their API which started on August 31, 2022. FBA orders will not have customer information and will just appear redacted. Amazon is doing this for all terminal status orders (e.g. any shipped orders, canceled orders, etc.). The customer information is removed before it comes into Order Manager and there is no way that we can obtain that information.

Here are all the specific fields that will be redacted. Please note that the Ship State will default as KS

Order Edit History containing:
"Ship Name",
"Ship Company",
"Ship Address1",
"Ship Address2",
"Ship Address3",
"Ship City",
"Ship State",
"Ship ZipCode",
"Ship Country",
"Ship Phone",
"Buyer Name",
"Buyer Email",
"Buyer Username"

Customer names,
Customer emails,
Customer addresses,
Customer phone numbers,
Customer edit histories
Order fields:
Ship name,
Ship company,
Ship address (all lines),
Ship city,
Ship state,
Ship zip code,
Ship country,
Ship phone,
Buyer name,
Buyer email,
Buyer username

You can view Amazon’s policy change summary here.


The following are examples of what Amazon orders will look like in Order Manager after PII data is redacted:

Returns and RMAs for Amazon Orders

Once PII is redacted for Amazon orders, users will not be able to create RMAs specifically with return shipping labels generated. RMAs can still be created if the option to generate a return shipping label is not selected.

RMAs can be created in Order Manager for orders before PII is redacted. Once PII is no longer available for an Amazon order, an RMA can still be created, but the option to generate a return shipping label will not be available as the Ship From information would be invalid (see the preview images above).

If you would still like to record your Amazon order returns in Order Manager, the best course of action is to ensure this is done before the 30+ day-age mark. After PII has been redacted, the only options to generate a return shipping label in Order Manager would be to create a manual order after referencing Seller Central for a recipient's shipping address, marking it as shipped, adding inventory back, and then creating an RMA for that manual order.

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