This section is utilized to facilitate the shipping process by pre-populating your order fulfillment method for your In-House orders (Shipment Mappings) and your 3PL/Dropship orders (Carrier mappings). Every marketplace and shopping cart has a unique language that indicates the type of shipping the order being purchased is required to have.

The mappings section will allow you to indicate that specific language and map it out so it will translate into a shipping service that will auto-fill your order fulfillment method when shipping. This will save the manual effort of you having to do this.

Shipment Mappings is meant for your In-House warehouse, as the mappings connect to your integrated shipping providers in Order Manager.

Carrier Mappings is meant for your 3PL/Dropshipper, as it gives you a more detailed list of carriers and providers since you are simply just sending this over to them externally. Each system has slightly different labeling, so "FedEx 2Day" in one system may need to be translated to "FedEx 2 Day Expedited Shipping" in other system.

You can add new mappings by simply clicking on "Add Mapping"

Shipment Mappings

Carrier Mappings

Then, add the Channel Service, Shipping Provider (ex: UPS, Endicia), Shipping Service (ex: UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail), and Package Type (ex: My Packaging).

Click Save.

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