1. Navigate to the Settings module, Shipping Providers tab.

  2. Under each shipping provider set up in your account, there will be a button labeled Services & Packages. Click this button for the provider you want to customize now.

3. You should now see a window containing two sections.

The top section holds a checklist of Shipping Services offered by the provider selected, while the bottom section has a checklist of the Package Types offered by the provider selected.

Note: If you do not see a service or package type listed here, it is not an option for this provider in Extensiv Order Manager.

By default, all services and package types available are enabled. You can uncheck any that you do not want to see on the platform.

When a service or package type is unchecked, it will no longer show up in:

  • The Shipping Rate Calculator

  • The Orders Module

  • Orderbots

  • Anywhere else in the platform

Note: Unchecking a Shipping Service option here will also remove the service from candidacy in the “Apply best rate” orderbot.

4. Click Save to preserve your edits. You can always return to edit your settings later.

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