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In-House Shipments using Endicia

⚠️ NOTE: If you do not ship to the UK using Endicia, this update will have no effect on you.

Effective Jan 1, 2021, value-added tax (VAT) must be collected for all goods entering the United Kingdom (UK).

There will be a 20% VAT rate on goods valued up to £135 (about $180 USD), which the shipper must collect unless already collected by the online marketplace (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.). Current procedures for goods valued over £135 remain the same.

Endicia is advising their customers to take the following steps to prevent their UK-bound shipments from being delayed, held, or returned by UK customs:

1. Register for a VAT number with the UK:

2. Collect VAT at the time of purchase.

3. Make quarterly VAT return payments to the UK.

As a result, Endicia customers will be able to indicate their VAT number on UK-bound shipments. Shipments should not be blocked if this number is missing. You can input your VAT number after you have registered for one with the UK government into Skubana in the Settings Module, Company Info tab, in the outlined field seen below. Make sure to click the Update button before leaving the page, or your edits will not be saved.

Changes to Amazon UK

In preparation of Amazon’s pending updates in response to Brexit, Skubana will be changing how Amazon UK’s FBA inventory and fulfillment addresses are handled.

Who will be affected: Sellers who have at least one active Amazon UK sales channel in Skubana via our native integration.

What is changing: Where fulfillment address information defaults to when pushing fulfillment updates to Amazon UK. Also, how FBA inventory at Amazon UK Distribution Centers is separated from Amazon EU Distribution Centers.

When will this change occur: The change to fulfillment addresses will be in effect on January 1, 2021. Amazon has not provided a firm date for stopping cross-border fulfillment of Pan-European FBA SKUs so that is TBD but this change can be expected on or before January 1st.

Where you can see changes: Amazon UK Distribution Center inventory in the Inventory Module and Amazon UK sales channel when editing the integration. Amazon UK FBA inventory counts will be separated from the Amazon EU FBA inventory, meaning that an Amazon UK Distribution Center will only report inventory available in the UK, and not any other EU countries.

Why: As a result of Amazon’s policy changes in response to Brexit policies.

Steps to take on or before January 1, 2021:

1. Go to the Settings Module > Sales Channels tab > Edit Amazon UK sales channel > Connection tab > Edit Integration.

2. Then choose to check or leave unchecked the option to have your “Warehouse as fulfillment source for updates”.

3. If you check this box, Skubana will use the address of the fulfillment warehouse set in Skubana as the fulfillment address. If this box is unchecked, we will not send a fulfillment address for orders and Amazon will use the default ship-from address you provided in your Shipping Settings in Amazon UK.

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