Setting up Email Templates

Within Extensiv Order Manager, users have the ability to customize the email confirmation that gets sent from Order Manager to the customer after an order has been shipped. Users can do this by setting up different email templates in the global settings section.

  1. To begin, go to the Settings module and click on the E-mail Templates tab in the left-side menu. Every account comes pre-loaded with a default template that cannot be edited or deleted. These defaults are basic guides that can help you start creating a custom template, or can be used as they are.

  2. To begin customizing a basic PO Template, Click on + New Template.

3. Otherwise, you can highlight the row of an existing template and click Copy if you don't want to start from Order Manager's default template.

4. In the topmost row of the new window, you can give your new template a unique name. You can also change the “FROM” email address so that the confirmation email appears to be coming from a specific e-mail address from your company instead of the default

NOTE: By leaving the from e-mail address alone, emails will send to customers with This can occasionally confuse your customers who don't understand that while they placed an order with your sales channel, Order Manager is sending the shipment confirmation email.

You can also customize the Subject Line or keep the default which will use the dynamic field to insert the Company Name associated with your order/sales channel.

5. You can choose to edit existing static and dynamic text. To insert dynamic fields into the template, first click on where you want to place them in the template on the left side, then click on the desired Field Replacements on the right.

The data that is populated in place of the field replacements in an email is pulled directly from the global account settings and order details. These options are divided into five sections:

  • Company

  • Sales Channel

  • Recipient

  • Buyer

  • Order Shipment

All of the field replacements are optional. You can customize your own set-up within each section by using field replacement options and/or static text. Relevant information will be shown in an email at the time of its generation.

NOTE: The {ItemTable} field replacement generates a table in your email with one row for headers and one row for item information. The information in the table will include: Name, Quantity Ordered, Unit Price, and Tax.

6. For more advanced users, the templates support editing via HTML by clicking the <> Toggle button at the bottom of the window. Field replacements will insert using the {bracket} syntax into this view as well.

Currently, there is no way to preview an e-mail template. To review the look and feel, you can add your own email address as a BCC recipient under the Settings - Sales Channels> Communication settings or you can create a manual order with the email address addressed to yourself to test out how your template performs.

8. Click Save after making all desired edits. Saved templates can be modified later by selecting then clicking the “Edit” button in the E-mail Templates tab. At this point, you can set your new email template as the default template for a sales channel in the Sales Channel tab information, and/or set it as the template in orderbots.

There is no limit to the number of email templates you can create within an account.

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