Note: Sometimes orders shipping to US territories will require customs. See this article for more info.

To set customs information, open the order edit window by clicking on an order number hyperlink. Then click on the Customs tab.

Choose the Package Contents and Non-Delivery Instructions, and add a declaration for each item in the order, including:

Field Name



Item Description

Brief explanation of product

Vacuum Filter

Harmonization Code

Universal System/code to determine how much duty is needed to pay on the item

Origin Country

The origin of the product. Require to determine how much duty is needed to pay on the item


Declared Value

Cost of the Item


More information on Harmonization Codes

Find a Harmonization Code

You can also add customs information to products directly in the Products Module so that this information automatically populates when an international order is placed. You can do this in bulk via the Customs tab on the Product Import Template spreadsheet or in the Skubana UI by clicking on a Master SKU in the Products module and going to the Customs tab.

See the below articles for information on ETD documents options:

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