This article reviews how to use ETD in your Extensiv Order Manager account if you have at least one FedEx account set up in Settings > Shipping Providers.

⚠️ NOTE: To utilize ANY aspect of FedEx ETD, you must have it enabled in your FedEx account. You can reach out to the Order Manager Support Team via Live Chat or email to have our team enable this for you. Just make sure to confirm the FedEx Account Name you want to use ETD for.

⚠️ NOTE: ETD is for international orders ONLY.

Configuring FedEx ETD

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping Providers > Configure ETD:

2. Upload both Signature and Letterhead images - having both on file will help prevent potential issues down the line if one image is ever required but not on file.

⚠️ NOTE: Uploading these images is required if you will ever be requesting the shipping provider to generate the ETD forms. You can still use this feature without uploading them if you will only ever be uploading custom documents.

3. Once the Signature and Letterhead images have been added and saved, you're ready to submit ETD for an international order.

Using ETD with FedEx

  1. View an international order in the Orders module that is shipping with FedEx.

  2. Select the Customs tab and click Configure ETD Documents for the order you want to submit ETD forms for.

**Please note that you will only see the "Configure ETD Documents" button if the provider assigned to the order is able to perform ETD.**

3. Select which documents you need and choose the preferred option from the dropdown.

4. Once the documents you need have all been uploaded or requested to be generated by the provider, press Save. A checkmark next to the document options means that it is enabled on the order. Note that if you chose to upload Custom Documents, those are sent to FedEx when you click Save. If you are requesting that the provider generate the documents, Order Manager will communicate that to the provider once the order has been shipped. At that point, printing the shipping label would result in automatically printing any document that is supposed to be included in the shipment packaging.

6. You will be able to see that the document(s) you uploaded, (ie: Commercial Invoice) has been added to the order in the Order History:

NOTE: There is an orderbot action for ETD called "Set Customs Document On Order." This will allow you to automate the ETD documents you want to be generated for specific orders. If the orderbot is applied, it will add the customs document to the order with the "Request Provider to Generate" option. The orderbot will not add a customs document with the "Upload Custom" option. Even if the order filter is fulfilled, if Order Manager detects that it is not an international order, it will not add the document.

Additionally, you still need to add customs declaration information to the international order as per usual.

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