Custom Product Fields are found in a tab in the Products Configuration Window. This is not something that Skubana uses internally, it exists only for users who want to add an extra piece of data about their products that Skubana does not natively have a field for. These fields are completely customizable.

This feature behaves similarly to but not exactly the same as the Custom Fields feature in the Orders Module, but for Products.

Set-Up in the UI

  1. Go to the Products Module ➜ Click on the Master SKU, then click on the Fields tab.

Note: This table is going to be empty the first time. And everything you add here is going to be accessible across all products.

2. You can both Configure new/existing Field Types, as well as set custom field values for your product.

To Configure, Create, or Deactivate a Field Type, click the Configure Field Types button seen below. Make your edits, then click the Save button.

Ex: Fragile, Contains Liquid, Flammable, etc.

If you mark the field as required, then any product you add this field to must have a value. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save the product (see error example below).

NOTE: When you deactivate a field and save, that doesn’t remove it from all the products that already use it. This only prevents it from being added to another product.

3. Once saved, you should see your active Field Types as options in the Add Field dropdown menu. To use them, select an option from the dropdown menu, then set the input in the Value column.

NOTE: You can only add the field once, you cannot have two fields in one product that contains the same value.

⚠️ NOTE: Adding a field into your product will not create a new column under your Products view, however, you still can see whether a field has been added or not without clicking the Master SKU and that would be found in the Product Details section at the lower right corner of your Products Module.

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