How To Set-Up this Orderbot Action:

  1. Click + Add Action
  2. Select "Add Order Item To Order"
  3. From the second dropdown, select a sales channel option. The only channels that will populate are ones that this action can apply to. If your sales channel is not listed there, it is not eligible for this action.
  4. Specify the Listing SKU for the sales channel to add to the order.
  5. Set the Unit Price that will be included in the order
  6. Set the Quantity to add for the SKU
  7. Optional: Set any Discount for the product added
  8. Optional: Add Notes for the Order Item

Note: You can but do not need to set up a filter for this action to apply.

Behavior: When the action applies, it will compile all fields from the orderbot action page to generate an order item and add it to the order as long as the sales channel for the order equals the sales channel from the orderbot action, otherwise it will simply skip over.

Limitation: At this time, this orderbot will only be supported for channels that allow editing order items, which are Manual Channels and Shopify.

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