1. In the Orders module, create a manual order or change an existing orders' fulfillment method to “Dropship Vendor” and the source to the vendor of your choice and hit save. You can change the fulfillment method and the source for the order in the “Order Fulfillment” panel or the “Processing” tab of the order.

Do not click on the “Dropship” button. The “Dropship” button is for manually exporting orders to your vendor through an FTP connection. If you are emailing dropship orders to your vendor, there’s no need to click this button.

Once you set the fulfillment method and source to “Dropship Vendor” and the vendor of your choice, the dropship order will move to the “Awaiting Dropship” status for the vendor.

2. Go to the Purchasing module and locate the dropship order. If auto-authorize is disabled for this vendor, you will find the dropship order in the “Awaiting Authorization” status. Select the checkbox next to the dropship order and click on the Authorize button. If auto-authorize is enabled, you will find this dropship order in the “Awaiting Confirmation” status.

3. In the “Authorize PO(s)” window (or “Confirm PO(s) window”), click on the Yes - Authorize PO button. Authorizing or confirming the dropship order that was previously auto-authorized will send an email to your vendor with the details of the order (the information included in this email has been defined by the Dropship Template that was assigned to the vendor). It will also move the dropship order to the “Pending Delivery” status in the Purchasing module.

⚠️ NOTE: If this is the first time that you’re emailing a dropship order to this vendor through this method, notify them in advance and let them know that the email might fall into their spam folder. This is because the email is coming from Extensiv Order Manager but the email address makes it look like it’s coming from you. If this happens, the vendor can mark the email as “not spam” to prevent future dropship order emails from ending up in their spam folder.

The “PO Email” address for this vendor is the email address that will receive the dropship order email.

The “From Email” address on the Dropship Template is the email address that will appear as the sender of the dropship order email. All replies to the dropship order email will be sent to the “From Email” address.

4. Once your vendor sends an email to you to confirm that they will fulfill and ship the dropship order to your customer, ask them to follow up with the tracking info for the shipment once the order has been shipped.

5. When your vendor emails you back to let you know that the dropship order has been shipped, and you now have the tracking info for the shipment, go to the Orders module, locate the dropship order in the “Awaiting Dropship” status, and mark the order as shipped.

After marking the order as shipped in the Orders module, the dropship order in the Purchasing module will move to the “Fulfilled” status.

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