When creating or editing products in Extensiv Order Manager, you can choose between two methods: manual creation in the UI or importing via spreadsheet. To create variations manually, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to the Products module, & click the New Product button.

2. Click on the Product Variations option.

3. You will be prompted to enter the “Virtual SKU” or “Parent SKU” of the variation products. This is basically the "parent" product under which your variant products (also referred to as "Child SKUs") will live. This specific Virtual SKU cannot actually be purchased or shipped, as you cannot associate a Listing SKU to a Virtual SKU.

For example, a Virtual SKU might be a general product type such as "sweater", while the variant products that are housed under the umbrella are specific and qualitative, such as "sweater-green-large" and "sweater-green-small". The Virtual SKU on its own lacks enough specifics to be able to be picked and packed, while the Variant SKUs that live under its umbrella are very specific.

You must also add the name for the Virtual Product along with the Brand. For details on the rest of the fields in this window, see this article. Click Continue.

4. In this window, you will need to specify the various attributes for the product, which are the feature(s) of the product that can vary from product to product, such as size, color, material, etc. To start, you must first select the at least one Attribute Group before you can select the specific attributes under that group for each Child SKU.

If the attribute group you want to choose does not already exist, you can create new groupings by clicking the or "add" button to the right of the Attribute Groups dropdown menu. In the window that appears (see below), type in the name for the group (like Size or Color, etc.) and then click Add. If you made a mistake, hover over the attribute group and click the ✖️ or "remove" button.

If you're happy with the Attribute Group name, click the or "Add new attribute" button, then type in each quality of the Attribute Group. Click Save when you've set at least one attribute under the group.

5. Click on the "gear" icon to the right of the Attribute Groups dropdown menu if you want to edit any existing attribute groups. Click the Group Name to edit it, or hover and click the wrench icon that shows to edit or add attributes under that grouping. Hit the Enter key to save edits to an existing Group or Attribute Name. Close the edit windows when you're ready to apply your attributes.

⚠️ Warning: Like many aspects of Extensiv Order Manager, once you create an attribute, it cannot be deleted. If you decide not to use one, you can simply rename it until a later time when you’re ready to use it again.

6. In the New Virtual Product window you can specify the Variation/Child SKUs that you will associate with the Virtual (Parent) SKU and assign the necessary attributes along with the weights and dimensions. As with any product in Extensiv Order Manager, setting the weights and dimensions at the time of product creation will save you time editing these values in the future. To create additional Variation products, click the blue ➕ icon on the left side.

Once you've specified at least one Variation product, click Save, and you will have created your variation in Skubana.

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