Current Additional Shopify Webhooks Options:

With the Shopify product deletion webhook set up, if a product is deleted in Shopify and then re-listed under the same SKU, Extensiv Order Manager will automatically capture the new product ID. This allows for a more seamless update to your product so that inventory updates are not interrupted.

How it Works

If the new listing is not posted within two hours of its deletion, Order Manager will stop attempting to try to refresh the channel listing ID and not push inventory until an actual inventory change occurs.

For example, if a product is deleted and not relisted within two hours, Order Manager will stop attempting to push inventory to a listing. If an inventory change occurs for the Listing SKU 5 hours later, then Order Manager will reattempt to push inventory and refresh the channel listing.

How to set up the Product Deletion Webhook

  • In Order Manager, navigate to the Settings Module, click Sales Channels, select the Shopify sales channel and click the Edit button. From here, go to the Connection tab and click Edit Integration.

  • Expand the Webhook Configuration view.

  • Check the box for the Product Deletion Webhook.

  • Click the Save button.

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