This orderbot will essentially accomplish the same action as the manual option to Mark an order as Shipped and the bulk option to Import External Shipments, only it will apply at the time of order creation and will save you and your team time by automating these actions.

Key Takeaways

  • This action will always be the last action in a group to be applied.

  • After an order has been marked as shipped through an orderbot, it will no longer process any other orderbots that would apply after that orderbot's grouping (where Group 1 comes first, Group 2 comes second, etc.). Same-group orderbots would still apply.

  • This action should be the only action in an orderbot.


The warehouse is the same warehouse that would naturally be applied to the order through order processing (ie: through Inventory Allocation mappings). If there is an orderbot action that changes the Fulfillment Source of the order, then that warehouse will be the one that is used, so long as the orderbot group is the same group or comes before the group of the Mark order as shipped orderbot. This orderbot action will only conflict with another orderbot that also tries to mark the same order as shipped. It will also override an On Hold orderbot.

To ensure that your orderbot sequence will operate as you planned, make sure that any orderbots you want to apply before a Marked as Shipped orderbot action have an equal or higher group.

Set-Up Instructions

  1. Create a new orderbot or edit an existing one.

  2. Make sure the orderbot has a Name and Group specified.

  3. Click the Add Action button.

  4. Select the Mark order as shipped... action from the dropdown menu.

  5. Set a value for the required fields: Tracking Number, Shipping Carrier, Notify Customer, Update Channel, Ship Date option. The Ship Date option is either set for Today (at the time of order processing), or set for Tomorrow (tomorrow set at the time of order processing).

  6. You can also specify a Carrier Fee value if you'd like (optional).

  7. Add any additional Filters as desired (optional). This orderbot must be the only Action in an orderbot in order for your orderbot flow to apply fully.

  8. Click Save.

The Order History will show that at the time of creation, the order was shipped externally, as well as a History log that the orderbot to mark the order as shipped was applied (as well as any other qualifying orderbots).

An example of how this orderbot action could be utilized is for digital product workflows.

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