If you are connecting Skubana and Deliverr while setting up Deliverr for the first time, you may proceed with the instructions below. If you are connecting Skubana to your existing Deliverr account, proceed to Step 2: Create a Deliverr Warehouse and Step 2B: Inventory Allocation Shipping Zones.

In order to connect Skubana to Deliverr, you must create a Deliverr warehouse in Skubana and make sure it is prioritized to start receiving orders in Deliverr. Additionally, Skubana has a functionality called "orderbots" which allows you to prioritize routing on a level that allows you to route orders based on factors such as price, weight, size, location, etc.

If you want to set up an automatic orderbot, please contact the Skubana Support Team.

1. Choose Skubana in the Channels tab of Deliverr's Seller Portal.

2. Create a Deliverr warehouse at Skubana

Log into your Skubana account.

Go to Settings.

Go to Warehouses section:

Go to New Warehouse.

Choose Third Party Logistics type:

You can then fill in the information for the new warehouse. The warehouse name must be Deliverr - exactly as shown in the screenshot below. The address and contact information are required but are not meaningful since Deliverr represents a virtual network of locations. You may use the values shown in the screenshot below or any other. When done, click Save to add your new warehouse:

After saving, you should see Deliverr as a new warehouse, like the screenshot below. The entire United States map should show as green.

Optional - Set up a domestic backup warehouse. This allows you to decide which warehouse to route orders to if inventory for the other warehouse you created runs out of stock.

2B. Go to Inventory Allocation Shipping Zones. Make sure each state currently supported by Deliverr is pulled underneath the Deliverr warehouse if it isn't already. Please refer to this article for an updated list of our supported shipping locations.

3. Install the Deliverr app in your Skubana account

Select Skubana Apps from your settings options:

Go to App Store:

Search for Deliverr:

Finally, on the Deliverr app page, install your Skubana account to Deliverr:

The installation process will then complete with your browser at the Deliverr website, importing your product catalog.

If you have trouble with the final step, try again by uninstalling the Deliverr app from Skubana, and installing it again using the directions here.

Please email support@skubana.com if you have questions or need assistance with the Skubana team to get you set up.

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