Skubana does not pull in orders that are in the following statuses:

  • Shipped

  • Refunded (Fully)

  • Voided

See here for more information on Shopify order statuses.

Partially Refunded Orders

Orders in a Partially Refunded status in Shopify can be downloaded into Skubana. Simply go to the Settings module, select the Shopify store you want to enable the setting for, and click Edit. Then click the Connection tab, then the Edit Integration button. Lastly, check the checkbox option for Download partially refunded orders and then Save.

Order Amount Partially Refunded

If the order was partially refunded overall but no items were affected, Skubana will subtract the refunded amount from the Order Total and the Amount Paid.

Order Items Fully or Partially Refunded

If the order has partially or fully refunded items, Skubana will remove any fully refunded items from the order when downloading (but record it in the order history), and subtract the quantity refunded from any other order items.


Shopify Order #ABC was originally for 2 items: 2 x SKU X ($10 total) & 1 x SKU Y ($3).

1 unit of SKU X was fully refunded in Shopify ($5) shortly after being placed. Now Order #5 is in a Partially Refunded status with an Order Total & Amount Paid of $8, with $5 being refunded.

Order #ABC was then pulled into Skubana from Shopify. Order #5 in Skubana is for 1 x SKU X & 1 x SKU Y, but the order history notes that 1 unit of SKU X was partially refunded for 1 unit. The Order Total and Amount Paid in Skubana are both $8, and the order history notes that the Order Total was refunded for a total of $5.

Example of how the order history will describe the refund history that happened in Shopify.

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