Amount Paid
Bill Duties To Sender
Buyer E-Mail
Buyer Name
Buyer Username
Carrier Fee
Channel Order URL
Channel Payment ID
Confirmation Cost
Contains Alcohol
Contains Dry Ice
Custom Field 1
Custom Field 2
Custom Field 3
Customer Name
Customer Ship Amount
Customs Declaration
Customs Declaration Content
Declared Item Quantity
Declared Item Unit Value
Declared Item Weight
Delivery Confirmation
Do Not Prepay Postage
Dry Ice Weight
Fraud Analysis
Gift Message
Harmonization Code
Hazmat Product
Include Return Label
Insurance Cost
Insurance Provider
Insured Value
Internal Notes
International Non Delivery
Is Gift
Is Non Machinable
Is Saturday Delivery
Item Name
Item SKU
Master SKU
Notes From Buyer
Notes To Buyer
Order Created Date
Order Date
Order Height
Order Index Number
Order Item Notes
Order Item Quantity
Order Item Tax
Order Item Total Discount
Order Item Unit Price
Order Length
Order Number
Order Status
Order Total
Order Weight
Order Width
Other Cost
Package Type
Packing Slip Template
Payment Date
Product Brand
Product Description
Product Height
Product Length
Product Name
Product Origin Country
Product Origin Country Code
Product Ships In Own Box
Product Weight
Product Width
Receive By Date
Release Without Signature
Requested Shipping Service
Sales Channel
Ship Billing
Ship By Date
Ship Date
Ship To Address 1
Ship To Address 2
Ship To Address 3
Ship To Address Status
Ship To Address Type
Ship To City
Ship To Company
Ship To Country
Ship To Country Code
Ship To Name
Ship To Phone
Ship To State
Ship To State Code
Ship To Zip Code
Shipment Tracking Number
Shipping Account Billing Zip
Shipping Account Country
Shipping Account Country Code
Shipping Account Number
Shipping Carrier
Shipping Cost
Shipping Provider
Shipping Service
Show Postage
Vendor Cost
Vendor SKU
Your Company Name

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