In the Orders Module, you can customize which columns you'd like to show as well as the order in which the columns appear. Currently, this functionality is only available in the Orders Module. Once saved, the UI will continue to show your customized view when you access the Orders Module.

  1. In the Orders Module, select the chart icon shown below to "Choose columns".

2. The "Select columns" edit window below will appear. Use the arrows on the left hand side to click and drag fields up and down to customize your view. The fields at the top will appear left-most in the Orders Module view.

3. Use the minus symbol to remove a column from view. This will move the column to the right hand side panel above. To add it back to view, click the plus symbol.
4. Click the "Ok" button to save your changes.


  • Adjusting the width of a column will is not a permanent action - column width will reset each time an Orders view is reloaded.
  • Customizing your view will not affect the settings of anyone else at your company.
  • If a column is not shown under the list of the 41 available columns, it is not an option to add, remove, or customize.

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