Extensiv Order Manager now allows users to update more aspects of existing orders in bulk. This includes the ability to run a search, select one or more orders from the search results, and then apply updates to those orders at the same time, instead of only allowing users to edit one search result at a time.

How to Update Orders in Bulk

  1. Navigate to the Orders module. 

2. By default, the Orders module displays the orders that are Awaiting Shipment. Using the Select All option in the topmost row or by checking individual orders' checkboxes, select the orders you want to edit, or use the search feature to narrow down your view to a group of orders you want to view and edit.

3. When you select two or more orders, the Order Fulfillment panel on the right-hand side of the page will display a Bulk Update dropdown menu, from which you can select the order information you want to edit. Select the information you want to update in bulk, then specify the menu options you want.

Example: To update the warehouse assignment for the orders selected, choose Fulfillment Type from the menu, then select the desired options from the Fulfillment and Source lists. 

4. Click Update Selected Orders.

5. The selected option(s) will now populate in the corresponding fields within the orders' Processing tabs.

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