For more details, see How do I manually mark an order as shipped

In addition, Skubana's External Shipment Import feature offers an alternative method, one that requires you to configure the name mappings for your sales channels and shipping carriers. To know more about using the External Shipment Import feature to mark items as shipped in bulk, see Importing External Shipments.

To bulk mark orders as shipped, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Orders Module.
2. By default, the Orders page displays the orders that are awaiting shipment. Select the orders you want to mark as shipped using the checkboxes in the left-most column. To select all orders, select the topmost checkbox, in the Column Type row.

3. Now click the Edit button and choose Mark 'Shipped'.

4. On the Create External Shipments window, enter the tracking numbers and shipping carriers for the selected orders, select either Yes or No to indicate whether you want to notify the customer and update the channel where the order is from, then enter the ship date. Tracking numbers and shipping carriers can be valid values or artificial, the choice is up to you.

To update multiple orders with the same values, select the carrier, click either Yes or No, and enter the ship date on the topmost boxes. After adding an Artificial Tracking Number field in the topmost row, you would need to select the triangle button adjacent to apply it to all fields in that column.

5. Click Mark 'Shipped' to update status from Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting 3PL Export, or Awaiting Dropship to Shipped.

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