Setting up Email Templates

Within Skubana users have the ability to customize the email confirmation that gets sent from Skubana to the customer after an order has been shipped. Users can do this by setting up different email templates in the global settings section.

To begin, go to the settings Module and click on the “E-mail templates” tab in the right hand side menu. Every account comes pre-loaded with a default template which cannot be edited or deleted. These defaults can be copied and saved as a new template to edit from there. Templates can also be built from scratch. To do so, click on “+ New Template” to start fresh. 

This opens a new prompt to format the template in a text editor that can use dynamic fields specific to order, sales channel, and other information. To insert these fields, click on the any of the desired Field Replacements on the right.  

The information that is populated in the field replacements is pulled directly from the global account settings and order details. These options are divided into five sections:

  • Company
  • Sales Channel
  • Recipient
  • Buyer
  • Order Shipment

All of these fields are optional and can be included in emails based on preference. The information will be filled in once the email is generated by pulling the data indicated in the WYSISWYG (what you see is what you get) box. 

For more advanced users, the templates support editing using HTML by clicking the “<> Toggle” button on the bottom of the window. Field replacements will insert using the {curly brace} syntax into this view as well.

Remember to give the template a name and a subject line. Fill in the “From Email” box with the email address the customer will see the email was sent from. Click “Save” and the new email template will be saved in the template selections. Saved templates can be modified later by selecting it and clicking the “Edit” button. 

There is no limit to the number of email templates within an account.

Currently, there is no way to preview an e-mail template. To review the look and feel, users can be added as BCC recipients on e-mail templates under the Settings - Sales Channels communication settings or they can create a manual order with the email address as themselves.

Field Replacements

Field Replacement options in the right side of the Edit Template window are mostly straightforward, where the order data you can find in an order's Order Edit window is shown when you use it's corresponding Field Replacement.

Note: The {ItemTable} field replacement generates a table with a row for headers, and a row for item information. The information in the table will be: Name, Quantity Ordered, Unit Price, and Tax.

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