The following guide will outline how to add tracking information for shipped orders into Skubana through Skubana's UI. This should be done for orders handled in-house, for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, or to update orders should there be an error. Please know that you can also do this via spreadsheet upload.

Selecting Orders to Mark as Shipped

  • Go to the Orders Module and in the “Filter By” window, select the Pending Fulfillment status dropdown. Select the order you want to add tracking information for. If you want to update multiple orders, you can select multiple orders as well.
  • Click “Edit” and from the options that appear choose “Mark Shipped.”
  • The “Create External Shipments” modal that appears will include all of the orders you selected. Here you will be able to add the updated tracking information and select what actions Skubana will take now that the order has shipped. 

Updating Orders in Bulk

  • The cells within the “Bulk Selection” row allow you to apply the data entered in these cells to all of the orders within the “Create External Shipments” window. If there are orders that have a similar Shipping Carrier, Date, etc., this is a useful tool to quickly input the information.
    Note: Artificial Tracking is a specific tool to help with clearing old orders. We do not recommend using this cell for updating orders with legitimate tracking numbers. If you are using this cell, please make sure to click the arrow next to the cell to apply to all rows.

Updating Individually

If you are not bulk editing, you can also directly populate the cells for each individual order.

  • Tracking Number: add in the tracking information for the order
  • Shipping Carrier: Input the carrier used to fulfill the order
  • Notify Customer: Choosing YES will issue a shipping confirmation e-mail to the user. The e-mail will only be sent if “Enable E-mail Notification” is turned on for the sales channel, and the e-mail template used is the one selected for the “Default Notification Template” for the channel. Choosing NO will send no e-mail to the customer. By default, Amazon does not allow Skubana to issue e-mails to customers.
  • Update Channel: Choosing YES will share the tracking information with the channel so it can be reflected on their platform. Choosing NO will hold the update from going to the channels. This should be set to NO if you are clearing out old orders.
    e. Date: Input the date the order was shipped.

Marking the Orders as shipped

Once your orders have been updated with the appropriate information, click “Mark Shipped.” This will update the orders based on the information you included and moved them to the “Shipped” status in the Orders Module. If there are any orders with errors, another window will appear listing any orders flagged.

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