Before you Begin

If you are setting up a new Dropship vendor, it is recommended you work directly with the vendor before moving forward. You should confirm the types of connections they support, the credentials needed, required fields and any additional requirements they may have.

Navigate to Vendors in the settings module

Go to the Settings Module and click the Vendors sub-module on the left side of the screen.

Add or Create a Vendor

If you are making a new vendor, click + New Vendor. If you are updating an existing vendor to include dropship services, click on the vendor and click Edit.

Make the Vendor a Dropshipper

You will be directed to the Edit Vendor modal. From here you will see a Services section which includes the option "This vendor is a dropshipper." Select this option and click Save.

If you are adding a new vendor, please make sure to fill out the Basic Info and PO Defaults sections before saving your changes.

Note: When you click save, a Dropship Vendor Warehouse will be added to the Inventory Module to help you track inventory from your Dropship Vendor. This Warehouse will not appear in the Settings – Warehouses page. 

After selecting the dropship service, the Vendor Details sidebar will update for the vendor, allowing you to modify the Connection Settings and the Returns Location for the vendor. If the returns location is different than the vendor’s address, please click Returns Location and enter the preferred return address.

Next Steps

You will now configure your connection. You can connect to your dropshipper through either of the following methods. Please click on the link to read more about configuring your connection.

  • FTP

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