In Skubana when you split an order, you divide a single order into two separate ones. From there you will take the items for the new order from the original order. You are able to split orders from your sales channels but you cannot split a manual order that was manually entered into Skubana.

NOTE: An Orderbot may require a multi-item order to be split. That indicates that the Orderbot is setting the order for two different fulfillment warehouses. If that occurs the other will sit in unresolved until the order gets split. 

Please see below for instructions for how to split an order.

Step 1

In the toolbar, select the Orders module. 

Step 2

Search for the order you want to split. Use the Search Panel on the left-hand side to locate the order. 

Step 3

Once you have found the order, select it and click the “Edit” button. You will find the “Split Order” option in the dropdown. 

Step 4

Select “Split Order” and a new window will open. You will see two columns: 

  • “This Order” which refers to the Original Order (on the left)
  • New Order (on the right)

This is what is going to be split. Enter the quantity of items for the new order which will be deducted from the Original Order. 

Step 5

Once you have made the appropriate adjustments, click save. You will now see in the main orders window that the order has been split into two separate orders. 

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