Within Skubana you have the ability to export out your orders into an Excel, text or CSV file. You can choose to export all fields or just a subset of them.  

Step 1

Locate the Orders Module which is found in the header between your Dashboard and Inventory modules. 

Step 2

In the Orders Module select all of the orders you want to export out of Skubana. To select orders, check off the boxes on the left-hand side of your orders list. To export all orders, you can click on the checkbox next to channels to highlight all orders. 

Step 3

Select the Import/Export button followed by “Export Selected Orders” and a new window will open. If you have not configured export settings, select “Configure Settings”, which will then prompt you to create a new Order Export Setting.

Step 4

In the new window that opens give this Export Setting a name and select a format for the file (CSV, Excel or text).

Step 5

Select the fields you would like to include in this export and give each column a name. The ‘Export Fields (Include column headers?)’ check box enables/disables the showing of column headers on the exported file.

Click save once complete.

Step 6

On the Order Export Settings you will now see the new export settings you just created. Select the export setting from the list and click Export Orders. The file generated will be emailed to the email address associated with the account. If you do not receive the email please check your spam folder.

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