When an item is returned back to stock, does Skubana trigger a refund on the sales channel that the order came from?

Skubana does not automatically trigger refunds on the sales channel. You are able to create RMA labels to send to customers directly in Skubana but the refund would need to be initiated on the sales channel.

Can I poll the Skubana API to get only SKUs whose available quantity changed value since a particular date/time stamp?

The easiest way to do this would be:

  • Use the acknowledge inventory endpoint to get stocks by channel.
  • To use this, you will need a manual channel with a listing SKU for each product in the system.
  • You can then access that endpoint to get just update product stocks.

What happens if many many SKUs have changed quantity since the last time we ran the call?

Since this endpoint is not paginated, Skubana will push everything it has in the system, so it might be possible to see a large quantity in one call. 

I want to use Skubana's API service. Where should I start?

Please check out our API at https://app.skubana.com/api

I already read through that. What's next?

If you are a developer for a current Skubana customer or are interested in building an app for our App Store, please follow the following steps.

  1. Please create a partner account: https://demo.skubana.com/appstore/partners/new accounts are just used to create apps, but we don't have a "partner portal" to manage apps so if you log in with your partner account you won't see anything.
  2. Now, partners accounts are only used to maintain apps. To test your app and use the API you need to sign up for a new trial user account. Instructions and the link to do so are in the email that was automatically sent to the partner's email address once the app was created. Here is the link again just in case:

    demo: https://demo.skubana.com/signup/trial/7bb269c2-917c-11e6-ae22-56b6b6499611

    prod: https://app.skubana.com/signup/trial/7bb269c2-917c-11e6-ae22-56b6b649961
  3. Once you are done testing on Demo and are ready for Production, you need to go through the same process but on production, here's the URL to sign up and create an app on production: https://app.skubana.com/appstore/partners/new

    The only difference with demo is that when the app gets created it will be hidden from the app store. This intermediary step is present so you can proceed to make the final tests with your app. Once your app is good to go please email api@skubana.com and the API team will take care of making your app visible for everyone.

I need to get the order list by customer name. Is there any possibility to do so? 

You can achieve this by calling the GET ORDER endpoint.

Could you please suggest me anyway to get orders by customer name. I can get the same customer order by using loop script but for this, I still need to get the total number of orders. which is not added in any order API. 

Unfortunately the only way to do this is to do GET Orders and match up by customer email address in your application.

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