Now that warehouses, sales channels, shipping providers and orderbots have been added to your account, it is now time to add your products.

1. On the Setup Wizard, click the Products panel, then click Set Up.
2. On the Product Import window, select your master channel and your secondary channels, then click Continue to start importing the products from your channels into Skubana.

NOTE: Choose the channel that most accurately describes your product catalog as your master channel in order to create Master SKUs, or the internal SKUs used by Skubana. Secondary sales channels serve as sources for your listing SKUs.

3. Once the product import process is completed, a Product Summary Import window opens. This window displays all errors found during the import process.

If no errors are found, click Done to close the Product Import window.

Otherwise, click Email Summary & Finish. The error log is then emailed to you. Correct the errors, then repeat steps 1-3, until there are no more errors.

Once you complete importing your products, you can start creating your packing slips and email templates, if you choose. Since these next two steps in the Setup Wizard are optional, you may skip them if you want, and jump right straight into setting up your vendors.

NOTE: Products can be imported from your sales channels at any time by clicking Products on the toolbar, then clicking the orange-colored Build From Channel button.

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