Skubana offers out-of-the-box integration with various sales channels.

For general instructions on adding a sales channel to Skubana, see Adding Sales Channels.

In this article, we detail the steps for adding your Walmart account as a sales channel in Skubana.

IMPORTANT! Before everything else, you need to obtain your Consumer ID and Private Key from Walmart Partner Portal (clicking My Profile in the top right corner of the main Partner Portal page), or by contacting Walmart directly.

Once you have your Consumer ID and Private Key on hand, follow the procedure below to authorize Skubana's integration with your Walmart Partner account.

1. On the New Sales Channel window, select Walmart from among the various channels.
2. On the Walmart Integration window, enter your Consumer ID and Private Key, then click Verify Integration to test your connection.

3. Once a message that the integration has been verified appears, click Finish to close the Walmart Integration window. On the Sales Channel page, you will see Walmart added to your sales channels.

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