Order Manager Apps are third-party applications built using the official Order Manager API that you can use with your account. Currently, these are unofficial apps - Order Manager only reviews them, and cannot guarantee that they will work with your specific workflows.

We recommend speaking with your account manager or the support team before installing any apps to your account.

Follow the procedure below to access and download an application from the App Store.

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.

2. On the left sidebar, click Skubana Apps.

3. Click the App Store button at the top right to open the App Store in a new browser window or tab.

4. Browse through the apps or look for an app you want to install from the App Store. Click the app you want to install to be brought to the app's page, where you can read more details about the app.

Note that some applications might have additional fees.

5. When you are ready to install the app, click the Download button on the top right.

6. On the Apps Permissions window, review the permissions you are giving to the app to access your Order Manager account, then click Install.

After installation, feel free to share your feedback and rating on the App's page. Your feedback would greatly help other users who might benefit from using the app.

Removing Apps from your account

To remove an app from your account, click on the ☰ menu icon of the app, and select Remove This App. You can also the app developer directly from this menu with questions or feedback

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