Your company information is accessible from the Settings module. You provided this information when you opened an account with Skubana. To edit this information, please follow the steps below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.
2. On the left sidebar, click Company Info.
3. On the Company Info page, your information is segregated into six sections, three on the left, and three on the right.

The left part of the page pertains to Purchase Orders (PO) and the company details to show on your generated POs.

If your changes are in any the three sections on the left, click the Update button on the bottom left.

The right part of the page should be filled-in with details of the proper company personnel who handle those duties, so that relevant information regarding SKU alerts such as inventory failures and tracking/cancellation errors can be emailed to the right persons.

The three sections on the right each have their own Update buttons. If your changes are in any of these three sections, click the Update button for the affected section.

You can close the page once you make your changes.

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