Unique to Skubana, Orderbots are your custom business rules designed to do the work for you when it comes to fulfilling orders. Think of them as "if/then" statements, where "if" is the criteria by which you filter orders, and "then" is the action that is applied automatically to those orders.

The best way to design your Orderbots is to predetermine what you want each to do and mold the orderbot to fit that function. Do you want to automatically assign a certain shipping type based on the order’s weight? Are you transporting a certain product that needs to be declared as shipped with dry ice? Does your company have an agreement with a buyer where they always use free UPS Next Day Air? Orderbots can automate repetitive tasks and increase your company’s efficiency!

An orderbot's filter is conditional logic that looks at an order to see if it matches your desired criteria, such as a sales channel, order weight, requested shipping service, etc. Skubana allows you to set multiple attributes using an AND qualifier, so you are able to apply orderbots to orders with a very specific attribute, completely autonomously.

Once you filter your orders by desired criteria, Skubana can then apply automated, repetitive actions to the qualifying orders. Actions can range from basic tasks such as selecting fulfillment from a certain warehouse, applying a specific shipping service and packaging, or be as complex as placing an order on hold for 30 days.

To summarize, orderbots are a powerful way to automate your processes. Instead of devoting people-power to manually process your orders, you can use orderbots to eliminate many repetitive tasks. This not only saves you time and money but also makes your processes more efficient and less prone to errors.

To get started, check out the complete list of filters and actions to get an idea of the endless orderbot combinations you can create in Skubana. The most important aspect to remember is that orderbots function with AND logic, so all filters set in a single orderbot must be met in order to apply all actions set. Additionally, you can have an orderbot with no filters, meaning that orderbot would apply to all orders.

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