Skubana's Email Templates feature allows you to design email templates for those times when you need to notify customers and suppliers, among others, about the completion of regular, day-to-day tasks in your e-commerce business. You can customize email templates to fit your needs, and you can create as many custom email templates as you want.

To add an email template, follow the instructions below.

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.
2. On the left sidebar, click Email Templates.
3. Click New Template to open the Template Editor, where there is already a default template open - you may want to use this to ease the template creation process.

Alternatively, highlight any of the templates on the Email Templates page, then click Edit to see if the template meets your requirements. Repeat the process until you find a suitable template, then click Cancel to exit the editor and go back on the Email Templates page, where you can highlight the template, then click Copy to open the template on the Template Editor.

4. On the New Email Template window, enter the template name, subject line (this will be the subject of the email that your customers will receive), and then begin designing the body of your email on the Template Components field.

When entering the subject line and the body, remember that you can include template information from the Field Replacements section at the right.

The Template Components field allows you to enter customized messages while embedding information from Skubana. When you need to input, say, a customer’s name or address, move your cursor to where you want the information to be located. Then, scroll through the Field Replacements section and locate the information you want to use. Choose from Company, Sales Channel, Recipient, Buyer, and Order/Shipment information. The curly brackets around the information type indicate that the selected phrase is a placeholder that will be filled with the selected information from Skubana when you send the email.

You may click the Toggle button to access the email template’s HTML code. With HTML knowledge, Skubana’s email templates become even more versatile. You can completely customize how your email templates will look right in Skubana.

5. Once you are done setting up your email template, click Save to close the New Email Template window.

On the Email Templates page, the new email template is added to your list of templates.

NOTE: Go back to the Sales Channels to designate the default e-mail template to use for the selected sales channel.

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