To Edit a Sales Channel

1. On the Toolbar, click Settings.
2. On the Settings page, click Sales Channels on the menu to the left.
3. On the Sales Channels page, select the channel you want to edit from the list, then click Edit.
4. On the channel's Details page, the General Settings tab is selected by default. Fill in the missing information on this page, if applicable.

NOTE: Details shown on the email notification and packing slip templates are pulled from the information on the General Settings tab.

5. Click the Communication tab to define the channel's communication settings. Here, you can choose to enable email notifications from [email protected], set up email addresses to be BCC'd when those notifications are sent, and set up return email messages and packing slip messages.

If you're using multi-channel fulfillment, make sure that you are using the correct default comments for the channel.

You can also set the default email and packing slip templates to be used in your communications. For this, you need to define email and packing slip templates first (see Creating Email Templates and Creating Packing Slip Templates).

NOTE: Email notifications from Skubana may not be applicable to some sales channels, e.g. Amazon.

6. Click either the Shipment Mappings tab (if you're using Direct, or In-House, Fulfillment) or the Carrier Mappings tab (if you're using a third-party logistics provider, or are drop-shipping), then enter the channel service, shipping provider, shipping service and package type. The mappings tell Skubana how to read the requested shipping service and what actions to apply when an order comes in.

NOTE: Before you can add a shipment or carrier mapping, you will need to set up your shipping providers first. For more details, see Adding Shipping Providers.

7. Click Save to save the record and close the channel's Details page.

To edit a shipment or carrier mapping, see Editing Shipment or Carrier Mappings.

To remove a shipment or carrier mapping, see Deleting Shipment or Carrier Mappings.

If you want to stop a sales channel's orders from showing in Skubana, you may deactivate the sales channel. To know more, see Deactivating Sales Channels.

Skubana keeps a log of changes made to a channel. To know more, see Viewing a Sales Channel Record's History.

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